because the only hope for me is you alone

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Sterek Week - Day one: lyrics/quotes

I’ve come undone, but you make sense of who I am, like puzzle pieces in your hand.

[Red- Pieces]

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n e v e r.


It terrifies me what I would do for you.

and it’s not like there was warning, we were happy

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"You’ve got me baby, are you mine?"

Sterek Week » Monday :: Lyrics/Quote

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Sterek Week Day 2: Color Me Sterek

thankspizzaman requested: Sterek in #12

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sammyslittlelullaby requested: can I request Sour Skittles with the three of them living together after college cause neither can afford a place alone and slowly their relationship is morphing from normal dude-bros into something more. Sharing beds, heavy kissing, make-outs on the sofa, movie nights with blowjobs and merry threesomes ensue? Pretty please. (◡‿◡✿)

x, x, x, x.

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