When I look back at the good times I have had, I mean the really great times I have experienced in life, you were always right there by my side. But more importantly, when I look at the real rough times, all the trials, you were STILL by my side x

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Danny Williams | He Kane Hewa Ole

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This is a show about good guys catching bad guys.

this show is about two guys going through marriage and catching bad guys together.

this show is about an ex-Navy SEAL who has been hiding his feelings for too long and his awesome NJ partner that takes down all of his defenses by the sheer force of love and friendship while they fall in love with each other in between catching bad guys together.

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"Could’ve been worse."

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1.18 | 4.15

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Danny: Shh, come here, come here, come on, come on, come here. Relax, c’mere. Relax, stop. Talk to me for a second, okay.

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