» H50/THG AU: Steve and Danny are mentors to tributes in this year’s Hunger Games. They’ve known each other for years and have circled the unspoken connection between them for at least as long - but the lives of the children they send to their deaths every year weigh in the balance. Can anything ever come of such a horrific game?

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The gleaming view of the city is tinged with the orange and golds of sunrise but Danny cannot see anything but the violent, vicious crimson of Ivo’s murder just hours before; the boy tribute from Danny’s district died at the hands of a Career, head smashed against the rocks of the riverbed, eyes sightless and blank before the cameras panned away to something more interesting.

It is only hours later when the cameras catch Bethan creeping to the site of her last ally’s final resting place, wrapping his once quick hands in a strip of dirty cloth - a child’s imitation of District’s 8 oldest funeral rite - that Danny allows himself to break down.

The night passes and Steve stands in a silent vigil with Danny, neither of them capable of sleep. Sunrise sees them both awake and drained. “This can’t go on,” Danny says a moment later, feeling as if the words he speaks are no longer his own. “I can’t do this anymore.”

Steve looks at him, half-awed and half-gutted. “What do you mea-”

“I mean,” Danny says, his voice gaining certainty. “No more kids. No more of our kids. No more Ivos. They won’t touch any more of our kids. Not Grace, not Bethan, not anyone.”

“They’ll kill you,” Steve says, with a similar certainty, though his body language says differently, tensed as if already preparing to fight off anyone willing to come close to Danny.

“Yeah?” Danny asks rhetorically, smile hollow and eyes bright. “They wouldn’t be the first to try.”

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When I look back at the good times I have had, I mean the really great times I have experienced in life, you were always right there by my side. But more importantly, when I look at the real rough times, all the trials, you were STILL by my side x

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Danny Williams | He Kane Hewa Ole

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This is a show about good guys catching bad guys.

this show is about two guys going through marriage and catching bad guys together.

this show is about an ex-Navy SEAL who has been hiding his feelings for too long and his awesome NJ partner that takes down all of his defenses by the sheer force of love and friendship while they fall in love with each other in between catching bad guys together.

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"Could’ve been worse."

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